Rockroot’s photostream

female darter_rockrootdragonfly_davidDavid, “Rockroot, is my friend Lucia’s other half, he lives in the English countryside and loves photography and travelling. These are passions shared by most. So, what makes David’s photos special?

When you meet David you can feel an aura around him, time suddenly follows a different rhythm and space adopts a mysterious filter. Sparks, details that go unnoticed come to life in David’s work, like the wings of a butterfly or the contrast in natural lighting.

I have always been curious about his work, particularly his passion for capturing dragonflies, so I decided to asked him a few questions…


When did you start taking photos?
I first started enjoying photography on my trip to Peru, I just enjoyed recording memories more than anything. Interesting light normally inspires me to take photos.

Why dragonflies?
I began taking photos of Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) after seeing a Damselfly at a local pond. I had never seen one close up before, so I took a photo and thought the colours looked beautiful. I bought a book on Odonata in the UK that shows places where different species live and what time of year you can find them. I like the places where they live, it is usually somewhere beautiful and tranquil.

Where do you find inspiration?
Day to day everything inspires me, life is a precious gift and I am grateful for every moment.

What type of camera do you use?
The camera I use is a Canon 600D with f 2.8 L series Macro lens for close up work, and F 4 17-40 for everything else. Also, I would also like the L series fisheye for creative stuff.

You can see more of David’s photos on Flickr.


Out of the shadows

Source: via Hansol on Pinterest

People usually keep their obsession hidden, like chewing on only one side of your mouth or writing emails to an imaginary lover. We are simply embarrassed. Was Vivian Maier ashamed? Maybe that could explain why she kept her work behind doors.

Maier was a compulsive photographer that hid her work in the attic. No one knew about the hundreds of photos she took in the street, randomly and without exception. She photographed lovers, old ladies, policemen, children…Her close ups were so intense that she unraveled people’s souls in one shot.

What about the photos of her own shadows? They have a Hitchcock effect I’ve never felt before.

Once she told her grandchildren she was a sort of a spy, was she really? What do you think? Check the trailer Finding Vivian Maier, I am sure you’ll be puzzled too.