From island to island

island diaries

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones you have to make within seconds. My partner and I got married, packed our bags and moved from Sydney to Mallorca, Spain, in less than a month. I am not good at making decisions and usually change my food order three times before it gets to the kitchen… I guess when options are “yes” or “no”, you don’t think twice.

We are here now, I miss Australia terribly. If I had to name a list with the things I missed this first post would be endless, so I came up with a 10-point list, the order isn’t relevant.

This is the list: Sunday brunch, my crazy Australian family, my friends, Brad coming home after sailing, white cockatoos, Sydney coffee shops, lunch in Redfern Park, Avoca beach, Australian music and why not,  gum trees

From Australia to Mallorca, hello world