The cold and Suzan Visser

suzan visserAn endless summer could be compared to an extended flue, a sticky feeling impossible to fight. By mid October you start longing for an excuse for a hot cup of tea, a two layer scarf around your neck and a creamy soup for dinner. I was feeling sad for the old man selling roasted chestnuts in the square praying for temperatures to drop.

Finally autumn is among us. I’m glad Olivia is able to experience the change of season and how the weather determine the rhythm of nature and tradition. She’s already excited about the big puddles in the park and loves figuring out how to hold a crochet needle.

These wintery images belong to the illustrator Suzan Visser, her tiny birds couldn’t express any better the feeling of what the cold weather is all about. Have you heard of Suzan Visser before? I found one of her postcards Fast Essenszeit for first time at an art and craft shop in Dusseldorf. Soon I realized that her work is everywhere on the net, especially on Pinterest. If you love hippos or owls, then you will go crazy pinning her surrealist illustrations.

suzan visser

suzan visser

Images by Suzan Visser

Salva y yo. Hotel series

gap betweenel vino, el queso azul, el té reposado, el tzatziki del día siguiente.. ¿qué más? Si, si, con el tiempo el sabor se acentúa, coge fuerza. Pero también se puede pasar, volverse rancio u olvidarse cubierto de moho en el fondo de la nevera. O todavía peor, ¿y si en ese proceso de reposo aparecen otros platos, otros postres, una receta exótica y entonces desapareces por ser insípida?

Salva y yo nos hemos dado un tiempo. Yo me he venido a un hotel en Mallorca a dejar macerar nuestro matrimonio en una cama doble de uso individual. Mientras Salva se ha quedado en Madrid a pensar si nos falta sal o imaginación. Creo que hemos hecho bien, es solo una semana, incluso cinco días si no cuentas los viajes de ida y vuelta.

¿Se comerá los tapers que le he dejado?, ¿y si no le gusta?, ¿y si pide sushi para llevar?…

Ilustración Gap Between de Lizzy Stewart

Nordic feel

Nordic feel
Cushion covers / Illustration by artist Hanna Konola / The Snowman / Before you sleep

Lately I am showing a strong preference for everything Scandinavian and its most predominant color, white. When we moved I picked everything in immaculate white, duvet covers, towels… And it doesn’t end there, since November I am devouring Jo Nesbo‘ mystery books and nihilist novels by Linn Ullmann. I can’t help it, even when I am pinning or crocheting I tend to go for the nordic feel.