“Artesanías hechas tejido” by Cecilia


My friend Cecilia is a Mexican biologist, mum of a beautiful baby girl, Aquetzalli, and recently turned full time knitter. I met Cecilia and her Norwegian husband at birthing class in Palma and we’ve been in touch ever since. They are the most chilled couple I’ve ever come across. 

Cecilia breathes positivism and joy, so when she first showed  me her creations – Artesanías hechas tejido – I thought on the spot that they were so much like her. Earthy and colorful crochet and knit designs for all year round. Wooly neck warmers, comfy hats for the cold Nordic winter (the whole family is moving to Bergen this summer!) and tailored bikinis.

The star of the collection are her custom made crochet bikinis. Just email Cecilia your preferred color and shape along with your mesauraments and voila, the perfect two pieces to welcome this summer. 

This is just a peep of what she has in stock. You can enquiry Cecilia directly at camcenga@hotmail.com 

Lucky Norwegians, I will miss them…