I kinda know Nadia


Hi everyone, welcome to “People I know”, a new section of Island Diaries in which people I kinda know answer to 10 random questions letting their feelings and thoughts flow free. 

Without further ado, I am thrilled to introduce you to Nadia. 

Who is Nadia? She is funny with a pinch of irony, she is the friend that owns the “wise advise” book, a voracious reader, a food lover with a sweet tooth, a hilarious story teller… Originally from Barcelona, she currently lives with her Russian husband Alexandre on the island of Tasmania. Tasmania? Yes, you heard right, but that’s another story…

Last thoughts when you are about to fall asleep… If nothing is bothering me at the moment, I let my mind to roam into fantastic situations, I guess anticipating formidable dreams..

A word you would remove from the dictionary… Unfairness.

What would you never travel without? Money. I like comfort and a reasonable amount of luxury. I find that formidable dreams are better produced in sumptuous beds 🙂

A book you would recommend for a morning commute… Hmm.. for a morning commute the best is short funny stories. That way you don’t lose track of the plot and it sets your mood for the day. Though I haven’t read it yet, I’d go for something like “Not that kind of girl”, by Lena Dunham

Your perfect breakfast ( including location)… A latte and some sweet pastry. In Hobart, a fave of mine is Daci & Daci (11 Murray Street)

3 things that make you happy: Losing weight without apparent effort.. oh wait, you mean in the real world.. ok, then: Catching up with friends, lazing around at home with my boys and that precise moment when I hit the “buy ticket” button for my next trip to Spain every year

How many seasons should have a good tv series? To me, the ideal is between three and five. And don’t ask me why, it was an arbitrary answer 😛

A blog you follow… Yours, of course, and “A cup of Jo”

If you were a superhero, who would you be? Well, the superpower I always secretly coveted is to be invisible. But a superhero is someone who fights for peace and justice, and honestly, I just want to be able to spy on people, hahaha. So I guess, I’d be more of a super-villain

Intense red or light pink lipstick? Hello? Have you seen my profile picture? Go, intense red!!!


One of the many streets of Barcelona, Nadia’s beloved city. She picked this photo for its tenderness and imperfection.

Photo by Nadia

Lost in translation

lost-in-translationDespués de años hablando en  inglés en casa con mi pareja mucho de lo que siento nunca seré capaz de expresarlo en su idioma. Esto me lo comentó en su día una amiga, que para discutir o contar anécdotas en condiciones prefería el español. No la culpo, el castellano es un río de frases hechas que al tratar de explicarlas te quedas Lost in translation o simplemente pierden toda la gracia.

Porque una discusión de “tirarse los platos a la cabeza” en las que te “odio a muerte” por momentos pero “te quiero a rabiar” tanto que “se me parte el alma” es más triste en inglés que “un día sin pan”.

My favourite Spanish words

Feliz 2015

El mayo pasado una persona llegó a este mundo inundando 2014 y desbordando 2015. Sus preciosos ojos y su sonrisa nos llenan de alegría, sus lloros noches de desvelo y sus primeros sonidos la ilusión por lo que está por venir.

La propuesta de este año: aprovechar cada segundo a su lado. Feliz 2015.