IMG_0824.JPGHi, thanks for dropping by. My name is Aurelia, I started this blog when I moved from Australia to the island of Mallorcatowards the end of 2012.
About the blog

Through Island Diaries I keep track of my thoughts – mainly about relationships and maternity (my current worries)-, and my two passions: contemporary art and books

Spanish or English?

Some sections are in Spanish while others, like art and books, are mostly in English. Why? When you write on a blog or on any website you should think about your target… I know, I know, but sometimes i cannot decide. At home we communicate in English, so it’s natural to me to some extent. This being said, I ‘m Spanish and when it comes to personal thoughts and letting the imagination run free, Spanish comes into play. 
About me

In the last 6 years I have worked in many different places doing very different things. Work experience in an art gallery in Madrid, receptionist in a tiny village in the English countryside, copywriter for years, waitress, assistant in Sydney…and my last job was as an online content writer & receptionist at a hotel in Palma.

I enjoy writing, exploring and sharing.

Hope I see you again soon. Hasta pronto.

If you have something to share, email me any time.

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