Sex and the city…again

Sex in the cityHere we go again, rewatching Sex and the city whole series for 3rd time??? Years ago with female friends in lazy afternoons and this time with my partner, who complains about it but still keeps an eye on the screen. Anyway, with age you enjoy it in a different way, at least myself. I found it more sarcastic and funny than I used to. Samantha’s comments are juicer, Charlotte’s concerns are relatively closer to me than 7 years ago, and you tend to read twice between the lines of Carrie’s column.

Because when it comes to relationships in Sex and the city every little detail is crucial. The color of their outfits, who they date, where they have brunch, the paintings of their apartments, even the sheets on their beds! Nothing means nothing. The personalities of the four characters grow on you, becoming an expert of their love life’s and learning a bit about yourself. I know it’s fiction, but sometimes is scarily close to who you are.

This being said, I might revisit the whole series in ten years time.

And yes, I am still a fan of Carrie’s outfit, even the most extravagant ones that I would never dare to wear!

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