Canopy Projects, what’s your story?

canopy projects canopy Canopy Projects

My first few months in Australia were a cultural immersion all the way, thanks partly to Geoff and Nancy, Brad’s grandparents. I used to spend afternoons drinking instant coffee while listening to grandpa’s stories about the World War II, or having cake with nana and chatting away about her beloved husband and other family secrets I cannot reveal.

I was moved by grandpa and nana’s adventures, but also frightened by the fear that if I didn’t record them somehow they will be forgotten. When they died over the last four years most of their belongings, like love letters and photos, were shared out amongst their children and grandchildren, leaving the sour feeling that some lines of the plot were gone forever. I had the same sensation this weekend, when my dad was scanning an old half broken document of a vacant lot in his village in Spain signed by all his aunts and uncles in the sixties whilst relating unknown stories of his childhood. I want to keep all these memorabilia together!

Canopy ProjectsThat’s were my friend Esther Lozano comes into play. Esther is a multitalented photographer, journalist and video producer based in Sydney, who recently envisioned her new business idea, Canopy Projects. Canopy Projects helps families to preserve their heritage so that they can share them with their loved ones and leave an invaluable legacy for generations to come.

Esther and her team produce films, books and websites with all our ancestors’ stories and records. They even interview a special member of the family, and keep first hand these stories of our ancestries that will strengthen connections across generations and countries.

If you are interested, check Canopy Projects’ promotional video.

I think Canopy Projects is very unique, specially for Australian families with such a multicultural background. Brad and I would love to be parents one day and show our children from the very beginning where do they come from and who their ancestors are.I am pretty sure we will contact Esther soon.

canopy projects


One thought on “Canopy Projects, what’s your story?

  1. Sí, sí… una idea fabulosa. Creo que es algo en lo que vale la pena invertir… A menudo pienso en mis abuelos, y en cómo me hubiera gustado preguntarles más cosas..

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