Facing south. Berit Myreboee

‘La Vague’, 2012, 80 x 120 cm, Transfer painting on aluminium at  dominikmerschgallery.com via Siestas on Pinterest

I am quite skeptical about the six degrees of separation, but sometimes life give you clues to remind you that the steps you take, south or north, may have already been written. That’s what I thought when I found out that some of the paintings at the hotel I am currently working for a brief period of time in Palma, belong to artist Berit Myrebøe. I had the pleasure to view her exhibition Facing South in Sydney by accident, when i went to say hello to the gallerist, Dominik Mersch, who was sitting next to me at my Australian citizenship ceremony last year. Familiar and unknown, like Berit’s artwork.

Berit Myrebøe is a Norwegian artist based in Germany. Her exhibition, Facing South, explores the contrast and similarities of the Australian and Scandinavian coastline building layers of different photographs transferred onto aluminum panels, that she later deconstruct by erasing some bits and blurring them using an oil based paint of blues and greens.

“Both countries are as far as possible away from each other and equidistant from the Poles.” “In proportion to their respective surface areas, they are both sparsely populated and similarly determined by open spaces, by huge distances and the threat of becoming lost.” Berit Myrebøe

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