Stitch up



I never paid much attention to my aunts and her friends embroidery work, which was everywhere in the house. In Spain is still tradition that our names are embroidered on our baby blankets and later on our sheets with your name and your partner’s as a wedding present. I always related it to an old fashioned tradition, but when months ago my aunt gave me a pretty bread bag with “Pan” and flower motives on it I realized the detail and precision of this fine craft.

No wonders embroidery is having a massive comeback, its creative possibilities are endless.When applied on paper or after mixing different types of thread colours and stitches, you can say that a stitch is as powerful as a brushstroke.

When you see the artwork of Izziyana Suhaimi, Leila Montero, Maricor Maricar and Jillian Tamaki for Penguin, you will understand my current obsession.

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