Out of the shadows

Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com via Hansol on Pinterest

People usually keep their obsession hidden, like chewing on only one side of your mouth or writing emails to an imaginary lover. We are simply embarrassed. Was Vivian Maier ashamed? Maybe that could explain why she kept her work behind doors.

Maier was a compulsive photographer that hid her work in the attic. No one knew about the hundreds of photos she took in the street, randomly and without exception. She photographed lovers, old ladies, policemen, children…Her close ups were so intense that she unraveled people’s souls in one shot.

What about the photos of her own shadows? They have a Hitchcock effect I’ve never felt before.

Once she told her grandchildren she was a sort of a spy, was she really? What do you think? Check the trailer Finding Vivian Maier, I am sure you’ll be puzzled too.

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