Hunting wine labels

Have you ever read Taste by Roald Dahl? It’s a short story about two wine experts, Mike Schofield and Richard Pratt, who used to place bets on the provenance of the wine being served. However, on one occasion the bet goes too far. Richard would like to bet Mike for the hand of Schofield’s daughter in marriage and, if he loses, he will give his friend both of his houses. Will Pratt guess the origin and year of the wine?

I don’t claim myself as a wine connoisseur, quite the opposite, I can’t even distinguish among Shiraz and Cabernet. My wine shopping is completely impulsive, attracted by the look of the bottle, particularly by its label. I remember buying wine in Australia, as a young market Australian winemakers take packaging  very seriously, spreading a wide selection of labels, from modern to vintage.  In wine design-speak, quality doesn’t necessarily mean old fashion look.

peopleswine_wine_labels-01I love the design of the New Zealand brand The People’s wine  by local artist Martin Poppelwell. The food  and wine matches on their website are very clever.

“Well, we have. Which got us to thinking, if we can craft a work of art inside the bottle, what about outside? The result: The People’s Wine. A collaboration with New Zealand artist Martin Poppelwell. That’s his art on the label. What does the wine taste like? That is where words fail. Because when it comes to art, beauty is in the eye (or palate) of the beholder. So behold! The People’s Wine.”

vintage-winelabel-02Vintage inspired labels:  Spring Seed Wines and Cumulus. Check Cumulus’ website for the story behind the wine’s names Rolling and Climbing.

animal_wine_label-03Iconoclastic style: Le Chat Noir (French produced, Australian imported) and Fifth Leg.

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